When we arrive at the B & B Gasthaus Altginzling, the owner and his son are making hay. It feels like we’re going a long way back in time.

Gasthaus Altginzling from the 1700s makes the imagination run wild in a quiet mountain village. In the soft bed of the B & B, we listen to the wooden floor squeak in the hallway.

The corridors of the B & B are full of an authentic atmosphere of days gone by, cherished with love and good taste. There are photos from the old times on the walls.

Gasthaus Altginzling. Photo: Tuomas Hyytinen

The double room is a suite with a bedroom and a living room. The bedroom decor is beautiful wood, and the desk lamps give a warm light.

The price of one night, 100 euros, is cheaper than we’ve found anywhere in the Alps for such luxurious accommodation. There is no glitz and glamour of top hotels but old, down-to-earth style and atmosphere.

Barbara, the owner of the B & B, knows a lot about Finland, our home country. It may be because her son competes in ski jumping.

Co-owner Gerhard, an ex racing cyclist, prepares a simple but delicious dinner of grilled brown trout that was caught in a small stream nearby. The region is popular with fly fishermen, as well. We can also recommend the dessert, apple pie with custard, or pancakes with homemade cranberry jam.

Gasthaus Altginzling. Photo: Tuomas Hyytinen

Ginzling. Photo: Tuomas Hyytinen

Ginzling (999 m) can offer the much promoted spirit of an “authentic mountain village”. In some destinations, it only exists on the pages of the travel guides. Here, it really is true.

If you need a break from all the hustle and bustle, we can recommend Ginzling without any reservations. There is no noise, just the humming of the waterfalls and the babble of the mountain stream. Only the church bells break the silence in the background at regular intervals.

The village may seem a bit gloomy because of the isolated atmosphere and the steep mountain walls around it. Ginzling seems to be far from everything even though it’s not more than 8 kilometres away from the busy village of Mayrhofen.

Along with relaxation, the Ginzling Region offers great opportunities to spend time in the mountains. It’s the centre of the Nature Park in Zillertal and an old favourite with hikers and mountain climbers.

The most famous day hike in the area is Zillertal Circuit. In good weather, it offers a great view of the Alps in all their glory. This time, we only complete a part of the trail and climb for a couple of hours from Lake Schlegeis (1782 m) to the Olperer Hut (2320 m). It’s not an easy task in hot weather and rocky terrain.

The Olperer Hut boasts a wonderful view down to the lake and the snowy-top mountains surrounding it. When we arrive down to the lake, we go for a swim in the ice-cold water, of course.

Schlegeis See. Photo: Tuomas Hyytinen

We also pick another recommendation, a hike to Berliner Hut. Because it’s cloudy and foggy, we can’t get everything out of the hike and the view.

The weather remains fairly cloudy and foggy the whole time we spend in Ginzling. Therefore, we can’t offer a very final review of the hiking trails and view in the area. In spite of that, we can recommend the Zillertal Valley and the Mayrhofen Region as a hiking destination in Austria.

If Ginzling starts to seem too quiet, it’s only a short drive from Mayrhofen, the centre of the Zillertal Valley. The mountains Ahorn and Penken surrounding Mayrhofen are also great for hikes with a stunning view.

Plaunerhütte. Photo: Tuomas Hyytinen

There are a lot of hiking trails in the surrounding area. About 20 kilometres from Mayrhofen, you can find the beautiful Lake Zillergründl (1850 m). There’s a hiking trail from the shore all the way to the hut Plaünerhutte (2364 m). The end of the climb is very steep and tough but the view from the hut is worth the hard work.

Translated into English by Katja Juutistenaho. Original Finnish text by Tuomas Hyytinen and Mila Hyytinen.