About us

Verbier. Photo: Mila Hyytinen

Are you planning a trip to the Alps? Best in the Alps is a blog about hiking trips. You can get tips of idyllic villages, accommodation, and great hiking trails.

The blog is written by a Finnish couple, Mila and Tuomas. We’ve been hiking in the Alps in the summer, in Switzerland, France, and Austria.

We’ve also visited the Alps in the winter. In our opinion, the summer is even nicer than the winter in the Alps because the scenery is full of colours. Hiking on the mountains offers the greatest views. Hiking is also a great way to calm down, relax, and meditate.

You don’t have to be super fit to do a regular hike in the Alps. Good hiking boots and trekking poles are a good help, though.

Bettmeralp. Photo: Tuomas Hyytinen

Best in the Alps is not only a blog about hiking. We aim to offer an interesting and useful description of the whole hiking trip, including the villages, accommodation, views, and hiking trails. We introduce famous as well as lesser-known places in the Alps.

Usually, our hiking trips have been eight days long and we’ve visited two destinations. It’s good to spend several days in the same place because the weather is so changeable.

We’ve flown to Munich, Zurich, Geneva, or Milan, depending on where in the Alps we were heading. We’ve been driving to get around. You can also take the train which works especially well in Switzerland.

Aiguille du Midi (3842 m), Chamonix. Photo: Mila Hyytinen

“Best in the Alps” means that all the destinations we write about have something that is “the best”, in our opinion. One destination has a great view on hikes, another one has good accommodation, and the third one is a great package. We also have special favourites among the destinations we write about.

We write about accommodation we’ve liked staying in ourselves. We avoid big impersonal hotels. We favour B & Bs and small family-owned hotels.

We spend a lot of time choosing the accommodation. We don’t look for expensive luxury resorts but the best we can get for an affordable price. Homely and stylish accommodation, beautiful views, and peace – but also lively villages close by.

Chalet Tissieres, Chamonix. Photo: Tuomas Hyytinen

We grade the destinations based on our own experiences. In general, we’ve visited all of them at least twice. All the photos we publish were taken by us. Our reports are independent. We don’t ask or receive any benefits from the destinations we evaluate.

You can send us feedback, ask questions and give us your own tips on travel destinations in the Alps. If you like to publish your comment, please comment on blog posts. You can also send messages for us on the page Contact Us.

Translated into English by Katja Juutistenaho. Original Finnish text by Tuomas Hyytinen and Mila Hyytinen.